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Just a short one this week...

I've got a lot on my mind, too much going on in the studio, and almost no actual drive to follow through this week, it seems...but I will not bore you with my woes! I have two brand new pieces that I want to share- "Inner Bird 2" and the Capricorn Zodiac Monster!

First, "Inner Bird 2"- the second installment of my inner portrait series. This particular lady prefers the hot dry air of this strange landscape. She is seen here in her weird bird mask, baking under a red sunset. This is the original painting (9" x 12" acrylic on a canvas sheet) and she is up for auction on eBay at the link below her picture:

"Inner Bird 2" original pin up raven fantasy art

The other new original is the latest piece in my Zodiac Monster series- "Capricorn"! I myself am a Capricorn, and if I would feel okay about keeping this little dude to myself, I totally would! But that just doesn't seem right. So, he is up for auction at the link below- all the details of the piece, and more pictures as well!

"Capricorn Zodiac Monster" original mixed media cartoon art

And there are a bunch of other originals and prints listed for auction (doing a little spring cleaning, you can get a really great deal on my originals right now!!) Check HERE!

Oh, one more thing to mention before I depart into the recesses of my studio- Dorkling prints are in! I know I should just reserve this information for my other blog, but since I am my own boss and make my own rules, you all must suffer the consequences of my occasional need to shamelessly self promote. ANYHOO...There are 6 different Dorkling comic prints up in my zombietoes etsy shop, along with sets of all 6 (and my "Fowl Behavior" comic book!)...If you would be so kind as to pop over there and take a peek, get a giggle, mayhaps support this poor silly fool with some cash (dont worry, I will mail you something in return!) I would be eternally grateful!! Greatful? How do you spell that? Gah! I am going to bed.

Dorkling Prints and Comic Books through zombietoes!



Visit my website- tons of images available as art prints and posters: darklingtreasures.com

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Hi hi!

Well, I skipped last week's post entirely...:\ Got all distracted with things and stuff, you know, the usual...But I have new (and very special) art to share today! The Nurse Mermaid piece I have been talking about has been completed and listed for auction, plus I have some cute monster wallets I sewed up last week! AND MORE PILLOWS!! :D

I will start with the mermaid piece- She is titled "Nurse Mermaid" and is shown here caring for two nurse sharks! I created this piece specifically to auction off for a donation to my dear friend Becca, who had some recent and unexpected financial issues (health related). I love her SO MUCH and unfortunately am in no position other than auctioning off art to help her. And sending her lots of love and support, of course! The original "Nurse Mermaid" is a mixed media creation, partially an illustration, partially a painting! You can read all about her and the details of the art at the auction link below:

"Nurse Mermaid" original pin up fantasy art auction FOR DONATION

As always, there is a slew of other art listed for auction on eBay as well; you can see everything HERE!

NOW...Awhile back I posted some pictures of the Monster Bag I made for myself...and I LOVE IT SO MUCH! It is holding up really well (and trust me, I USE my bags), and also getting a lot of comments...so I decided to make up a few small wallet versions to offer to you! There are three right now- a red one, a blue one, and a purple one, and they are SO ADORABLE!! Top zipper closure, fun inside linings, credit card pockets, a little pocket for change... I wish I could keep them all! But really, let's not be silly. ;) So, you can get your very own Monster Wallet through my zombietoes etsy shop at the link below the picture:

Monster Wallets!! Handsewn, original, zippered, Adorable, you know you want one!

I will have you know I am armed with an assortment of patterns, fabrics, threads, ribbons, and zippers...and I am prepared to overtake your homes and fashion sensibilities (which could be bad because I am fashion-senseless...)

WEEE! Pillows! I designed a bunch more pillows for my Zazzle shop- most of these new ones are dragons! You can see them all at the link below this pillow:

Fantasy Art Pillows- dragons, fairies, zombies!

So, that's about it for the moment. PLEASE do share that Nurse Mermaid link around, if you will.can, because Becca is VERY special to me and I want to do right by her! Also, I have NOT abandoned my Monster Zodiac series...I will be posting Capricorn in the next few days, plus another new painting! :))



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I did a LOT of work this week...

It's good to feel accomplished and slightly closer to 'caught up'...though that term seems to be this fantastical idealistic goal that I will never ever achieve. This is the trouble with having an overflow of imagination. I guess I should not complain...I never experience the feeling of boredom.

Blah blah!! Anyhow, I have THREE new pieces of art tonight!! Two nude ladies (which are censored for this post, but you can see the full versions at their listings) and the latest Zodiac Monster- Scorpio! I have also begun adding to the Dragon Gallery on my website, and I have some fun new things available through my Zazzle shop too!

First, a little nudity! A few pieces with color that I had sketched out last week (I was feeling listless and irritable, so sketching outdoors was very helpful)...The first is "Fancy Free" (I must admit, I do not care for the title, but it just seemed to fit, in some irritating, Lisa Frank kind of way...) She is a big eyed, naked lady lounging in a rainbow...7" x 5" original mixed media illustration on canvas paper...She is up for auction on eBay with a starting bid of $12! To see the uncensored version, more info, and perhaps place a bid to own her, please visit the link below her picture:

"Fancy Free" original nude rainbow pin up fantasy art

The other nude is actually pretty covered up (sorry...don't worry, I've got some more on deck!) but she has some nice cleave...:} You can really tell I was pissy looking at this piece...She is also an original 7" x 5" mixed media illustration on canvas paper. "Smote" is listed for auction on eBay with a $12 starting bid at the link below her picture:

"Smote" original angry nude angel fantasy illustration

Now...Scorpio. The latest piece in my Zodiac Monster series! I really like how this one turned out- many layers to the mystery that is Scorpio...The original art (3.5" x 5"- mixed media) is up for auction on eBay with a starting bid of $20- you can see the listing by following the link below the picture:

"Scorpio" Zodiac Monster original mixed media art

As always, I have a bunch of ACEOs listed (starting at $2 each) as well as some other art goodies- you can see everything I've got running on eBay HERE!

Yes, lots of stuff! Too much stuff! I must confess, I have not been doing a lot of sleeping lately. Whatever, though, because I just don't feel tired. So...I managed to get the Dragon Gallery up and started with a dozen dragon pieces. I have a lot more dragons than I thought I did! At any rate, I would love it if you would take a moment to wander through the website- I realized that some of the thumbnails in the galleries were not clickable when I went live last week...so that is fixed now. Sorry for the derp move. That's what I get for rushing! So...Please visit Darkling Treasures for me!

One last mention of stuff before I get on with my evening (going to get the majority of this nurse mermaid finished up!)...PILLOWS!! Pillows to throw, pillows to decorate, pillows to sleep on! I have pillows (in two sizes) with my art on them available through Zazzle! They look so cool! I want them all!! Okay. Ahem. Calm down. I have most of the zombie images up, and most of the Dragon Square images as well (they lend themselves quite nicely to pillow format, who knew?) I will definitely be designing more of these in the near future, but to see what I've got at the moment, please check out the link below this pillow:

Art Pillows through Zazzle!

Okay...off I go!!



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Greetings, lovelies!

This week I have some new Zodiac Monsters listed for auction (Virgo + Libra at the moment), a sneak peek at this special mermaid piece I am working on, and I have finally done enough work on my website to be able to show you! What a relief that is :)

Monster time! The two latest installments to my Zodiac Monster series are now up for auction on eBay- Virgo and Libra! These are small 3.5" x 5" cartoon interpretations of the astrological signs. I have taken the mixed media route with this series, and each piece is layered with assorted papers, inks, acrylic paint, and fibers! Bidding for these originals starts at $20 apiece; please do visit the links below the pictures to view the auctions and perhaps place a bid!

"Virgo" Zodiac Monster original cartoon art

"Libra" Zodiac Monster original cartoon art

Of course, lots of other artworks (prints, ACEOs, originals) are also listed for auction on eBay HERE!

As promised, I have a sneak peek picture of the special mermaid piece I am working on...she is a nurse mermaid! This piece is slated to be auctioned off for donation once it is completed...FYI. More info on that as the piece progresses...but she is very pretty!

Alllllrighty then...I updated my website! Actually, I redid the entire look. I am still very ashamed to admit that it has been nearly a full year since I have touched the site at all, but now...it is mostly how I want it. At the moment, it is still bare bones as far as the gallery is concerned...I have three 'open' galleries with art to view and print/poster purchase options: Cartoon Aquarium, Circus & Side Show, and Ravens. I will be updating the others as time allows (but I did make myself a schedule). Also, lots of new stuff in the book section, a new and ridiculous bio page, uhh...I will be working on a wholesale pricing page at some point. I will also be updating the projects I am working on (that also has it's own special page). LOTS OF STUFF (still lots to do!). But PLEASE feel free to go have a look at the new (improved?) Darkling Treasures site:

I spent the afternoon sketching a bunch of sexy ladies out...I do not know what will become of them, as they still need some work, but... soon I will show you something of them! :)



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I am feeling pretty scatterbrained lately. (You must forgive the crazed Emily). I do have three new zodiac monster pieces, though, and a mermaid FB exclusive auction as well! Probably a bit of rambling, too...

The three latest zodiac monsters in the series- Gemini, Cancer, and Leo...they are each for auction on eBay, with starting bids of $20 apiece...Check out the links below each picture for the individual auctions:

"Gemini" zodiac monster mixed media art

"Cancer" zodiac monster mixed media art

"Leo" zodiac monster mixed media art

Of course, you can see them all on one page, along with all my other eBay art auctions by clicking HERE!

I will have the next few zodiac monsters made and listed after the weekend...:)

Perhaps you are in the mood for something...pretty? Well, then you are in luck, because this week on my Facebook Page, I am auctioning off an original, one of a kind miniature mermaid sculpture! She is sitting on a real shell, surrounded by little glass beads in variations of green and blue; her tail sweeps around her. Lots of texture and media in this tiny little thing! Bidding starts at $0, and ends next Tuesday, April 10th, and 11pm EST! You can get all the info on the mermaid and how to bid at the link below the picture:

Mini Mermaid Sculpture- Facebook Exclusive auction!

Speaking of mermaids...:))) I have put aside all of my other working projects for a bit in order to create a very special mermaid piece, for a very special purpose...More details and info to follow soon, along with some teaser shots? For now, allow me to whet your appetites by throwing some keywords at you...pin up...shark...mixed media...nurse...and...that's it for now :) Ahh, such a tease!

Something else I have been working on, and have finally finished- my bag! I guess it's a 'purse' or whatever lady-type item is relative to this shape and size of carrying apparatus...but I am hardly a 'purse' type. I didn't know if you could tell that by the way I tried to disguise it as an awesome red monster...because carrying around a pet red monster is so much less weird to me than carrying around a purse. (Don't judge me).So...anyhoo, pictures of my new fashion accessory:

Half considering making a few smaller/assorted versions and/or change pouches to list one of my etsy shops, but I do have a million other meals rotting on my plate at the moment. :\ Such as- some series projects for my zombietoes etsy shop which no one will probably even care about, but they thrill and entertain ME, and that's all I really care about, in the end. I mean, at least...that's the purpose behind my zombietoes shop. That's all me, pull no punches, sugar no lies, hide no stains. I probably just said too much there. Oh well. So, yeah, there's that cryptic-ness, and then I have *no earthly idea* what I am doing about my website. I haven't even updated it since last June. That's right, JUNE 2011. Pathetic. There's too much art, and it's extremely overwhelming. I am really going to cut back a lot. I really need to get on that. I'm ashamed and quite embarrassed, really. It's reminiscent of the stuff you put in your attic, because you want to 'save' it, but you don't have a reason for doing so. Gah! I don't even know what I am say, I'm just rambling now. The breakdown seems to be- me needy do spring cleany! Ahhh...Okay, that is all. You may resume your lives, though they may be a touch weirder now...



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Hi Hi!
Well, I know I've been quiet for a little bit...seems to be my new norm. I've been off in the studio putting together monsters and comics and zombies! It's a lot of work to wrangle all these creatures and not get eaten, drooled on too much, or covered in weird fur/scales/hair...But! I have come out of it with some new (and old) critters to share!

First, I have completed the first six zodiac monsters (Aries through Virgo)...and I will be listing one a night for auction on eBay (I started Tuesday with Aries, aqnd tonight I listed Taurus, tomorrow will be Gemini, etc)...These are my own personal cartoon/lowbrow take on the astrology signs, illustrated in acrylic paints, pencils, and inks, and then fused with other assorted media on 3.5" x 5" masonite boards. Below are pictures of the two that are currently up for auction on eBay- Aries and Taurus- each has a starting bid of $20:

"Aries" zodiac monster lowbrow cartoon art

"Taurus" zodiac monster lowbrow cartoon art

Of course, I have a few other auctions running on eBay as well as the zodiac monsters, you can see them all HERE!

I have a new comic up on my dorkling blog...actually, there are two, I forgot to inform you last week. I've been very good (surprisingly) about updating with a new comic every week, so please do go over and check them out, it would mean a great deal to me!!! <3

Now, some zombie things, woo woo! :} I have compiled an ACEO set of 8 of my (assorted) zombie Rorschach inkblot prints! Each set comes in a clear plastic hard case, makes a great gift, $15 per set in my zombietoes etsy shop at the link below the picture:

Zombie Rorschach inkblot ACEO print sets

Zazzle is now offering PILLOWS!! YAY! I am psyched :)) Of course, I have precious little time to design many at the moment, but I did manage to get some zombie pillows made! More to come soon (hopefully)...feel free to email me requests on zazzle products with specific images of mine on them...if you don't see it, I can make it! :) Here is the link to the pillows I have right now:

Zombie Pillows on zazzle!

Okay, I still have a bunch of things to get done before I can even think about sleeping, so...I bid you all adieu.



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15 March 2012 @ 11:36 pm


Well, I know you may be here looking for new art, but I will warn you now that all I have are some WIPs :) I also have a new comic up on my Dorkling blog + FB page. I swear I have been doing stuff! Mostly I just have a bunch of news.

Let me show you what I have been making slow progress on- zodiac monsters! At this stage, they are all colored in and sealed up; soon, I will begin layering backgrounds with colors and texture.

A reminder that there is one day left to take advantage of my etsy shop sale- get 15% off your order with the code IDES15 at checkout! The sale code will work in both of my etsy shops, and also with the print sales I am having (buy two, get one free 4 x 6). Sale ends tomorrow evening (probably around 11 pm est). To check out all the original fantasy art, prints, and other handmade goodies on sale in my darklingemily etsy shop, click HERE!
To wander through my zombies, monsters, cartoons, comics, and more with a visit to my zombietoes etsy shop click HERE!

Of course, if you are more into bidding on eBay, I have an endless parade of ACEOs, prints, and original pieces up for auction HERE!

Earlier this week, I received an email with some pretty exciting news- I have some art up at Zombie Burger in Des Moines, Iowa! Here's a picture of one of the prints ("The Fast Kind") in the background of one of their photos:

I think I am more excited that a zombie restaurant exists than my art hanging in it- what a dork! Be sure to check out the Zombie Burger Facebook Page, and if you happen to be in Des Moines, maybe stop in and try a burger for me? ;)

Okay. Major apologies for not having anything finished to share. I hope you can forgive me, and I hope I have been slightly entertaining nonetheless. Bed, here I come!


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Well, hello there! I know it's been awhile since my last post- my trip to the south was wonderful, relaxing, and has set me back about a week and a half! Eventually I will get caught up again...right? Sure, sure I will. But for now I have two new pieces to share and a sale to tell you about! :)

First, the sale info! From now (3/8) until 3/16, I am offering 15% off all orders placed through either (or both) of my etsy shops! All you have to do is use the code IDES15 at checkout to receive the discount. This code will work in conjunction with my 4 x 6 art print sale (buy 2, get 1 free) as well, so that's quite a deal! I hope you have an opportunity to get in on the sale!

Now, onward to new art!! I have two brand new pieces to share, the first being "Inner Bird 1". She is a self-likeness; I cannot call her a portrait, really, as she doesn't look like me...I am rather pleased with how she turned out! "Inner Bird 1" is an original acrylic painting on a 9" x 12" sheet of artist canvas. You can see more pictures and read more info on the art and my process at the listing link- she is available for purchase there as well, but because it is my etsy shop, she is on sale! Don't forget the code: IDES15...

"Inner Bird 1" original raven girl painting

Take heed- a new monster! This one is a kitteh!!!!! I know, not exactly monster like in appearance, per se, but kitties can be quite monstrous in behavior and action... The name of this piece is "Star Kitty"- a bright beacon of cuteness in the vast
cold and dark outer space. This kitty is a mixed media creation, and measures 5" x 7" on masonite. He is Available for purchase in my zombietoes etsy shop (which means also on sale!) at the link below the picture:

"Star Kitty" cartoon cat monster art

For those of you who are looking for my eBay art listings, they are HERE! Lots of ACEO prints- some never-before-released! Also, some originals up for auction, and 4" x 6" prints as well!

So, I am a teensy bit behind on my Dorkling comic, but I am hoping to get a new comic posted by the weekend :) I am also in the midst of a series of zodiac monsters- they will be very similar to the monsters I have been creating recently- fun, mixed media pieces Masonite. Hopefully, I will have the wherewithal to post some work in progress photos. I am finding myself wondering, again, why I always bite off more than I can chew. And...that is about all I have for tonight! Someone out there, please get some rest for me !



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Well hi!

So...I have three brand new pieces! I know, right after I say I am going to slow my creative process for Darkling Treasures ;| I just needed some good ART time, so I X-ed out all of Tuesday and just MADE STUFF. This stuff is mad lowbrow and adorable, plus I finished up one of my pin up paintings!
All three of these new pieces are listed for auction- on my Darkling Treasures Facebook Page! This is because I am going out of town for most of next week, and will have much more control over my auctions this way. So, let me show off the new art, then:

"Bookish" is the pin up painting I recently finished up- I really like how she turned out! She is an art nouveau inspired acrylic painting, 5" x 7" on a canvas panel. She is up for auction via my Darkling Treasures FB Page at the link below the picture- you can read all the auction information, and get specifics on the art, and perhaps even place a bid- starts at $20:

"Bookish" original pin up fantasy painting- Facebook Exclusive auction

Now...monsters! I am probably waay too into these little guys. What can I say? They make me smile, I love cartoons, they suit my lowbrow lifestyle, and...wait, I don't have to justify anything! haha! ANyhow, meet "Fenton"- he is an original 5" x 7" mixed media monster! A little firebug, at that :) You can see all the auction and art details at the link below the picture (it will take you to my Darkling Treasures FB Page)- bidding starts at $20:

"Fenton" firebug lowbrow mixed media monster art auction

Now, this little monster is named "Mish"- he is a hybrid jellyfish-bird-rabbit, and he is very sentimental to me, so I am kind of having a hard time putting him up for sale. FYI. He is also and original 5" x 7" mixed media piece; all the info about the art and the auction can be found at the link below his picture- bidding for "Mish" starts at $20:

"Mish" original bunny hybrid monster art

These three Facebook auctions will run until Friday, February 24th at 11pm EST. I will be home then to end them and get them sent out to their new homes, should they find them :)

This leads me into ordering information for the next week...I will be visiting family in Georgia from 2-19 to 2-23, and will be away from my studio/stockpiles/printer/stamps and envelopes...thus unable to ship anything out until my return. For current outstanding orders: all eBay auctions (I believe) will end before I leave, so if you win something(s) and would like me to ship out your art before I go, payments MUST be made by, mmm, like 8pm EST this Saturday! This way I can get everything packaged and drop them in a mailbox on my way to the airport. Both of my etsy shops will go into vacation mode on Saturday evening until I return, and the listings wont show up. As for my website, orders will be filled and shipped upon my return. I should be around a computer on and off during my trip, so I will be able to check in, possibly answer emails, maybe post some stuff...But mostly I will be on break.

Okay, I think that is all for now. I am freakin tired! OH! Before I go, may I remind you to drop by my Dorkling blog, as there is a new comic up! Also, I have updated the blog with some of the older comics, and will continue to do so over the next weeks :) Go HERE for the comic: Dorkling blog



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Greetings all!

I have kind of a long ramble to get to, but I also have some new art and stuff to share, so I will do that first :)

A brand new painting for you!! I feel like it's been forever since I have painted an actual fairy, but I've got a pretty one for ya! Her name is "Gypsy"- She is an art nouveau and moth inspired fae, with brilliant red hair and a slightly pouty demeanor. "Gypsy" is an ORIGINAL 5" x 7" acrylic painting on a canvas panel- she is currently up for auction on eBay with a starting bid of $20. To see the listing, more pictures, more info on the art, and perhaps even place a bid to own the painting, please visit the link below her picture:

"Gypsy" original fairy fantasy painting

Of course, there are a whole bunch of other art auctions running on eBay- this week I am listing a TON of open edition 4" x 6" art prints for $3 starting bids on each! I will have you know that ALL of my prints are signed, open edition or not :) If you'd like to see all the art I have on eBay at the moment, just click HERE!

Now, I have added a few new items to my poor, neglected Zazzle shop- mainly little magnets of my older mixed media fantasy artworks. I have also listed a brand new T shirt design, featuring my (personal favorite) "Clap Hands" pin up illustration. She is available on lots of assorted colors and styles of shirt, your choice! Even long sleeves :) Check out the new T shirt at the link below the picture:

"Clap Hands" circus pin up shirts

and all the other stuff is here: Fun and New Zazzle Items!

I want one of those t shirts. I will have one. Soon ;} Maybe I'll get a tank top this time....

Okay, ZOMBIE TIME WOO WOO! I have put up a new Facebook Exclusive Auction on my Darkling Treasures art page; a small collection of zombie goodies, all made by me of course! This is a decent hoard of stuff- limerick books, prints, bookmark, etc...You can read all about what's in this auction and how to bid by following the link below the picture:

FB exclusive ZOMBIE COLLECTION auction

This auction starts at $0, and ends next Monday, Feb 13th at 11pm EST. Get your bidding shoes on!


As you may or may not have noticed, I've been a little quieter than usual lately. This is not actually the case, I have actually been very loud all over the place, just not so much here in 'fantasyland'. My focus seems to be shifting a great deal in another direction, which I kind of saw coming awhile back, and perhaps a few of you also saw. I am crazily switching gears in my art life, and am going to be putting a lot more time into the comic side of things. I cannot deny the muses, and they are really *not* subtle when they want something.

So, I will be spending a good portion of my studio time working on my zombietoes creations and my Dorkling comic and sub-projects (yeah there's a lot going on). Cartoons make me happy, and I am *disgustingly productive* when I am happy, and that makes me happier. It's a viciously happy cycle. (gross). I am totally being selfish in this, I will admit it, but hopefully it is not without its entertainment.

For those of you concerned about what is going to happen with my fantasy art and Darkling Treasures, fret not! I will still be making time to create new snapshots of my crazy inner worlds and stories :) I am scaling back, however, and likely will not be producing more than 4 new originals a month. All eBay auctions will 100% continue as normal, but you can expect some streamlining of my etsy shops. Nothing major. I am still working on the website *sigh*. I have decided that there is just far too much art to deal with, so I will be retiring a bunch of pieces from print. I have not decided on which ones yet, so if there are ones you'd like to see stay, you are more than welcome to email me and let me know! The input would be nice :)

So, that's about it for now. Please feel free to follow the link below to check out my Dorkling comic and stuff!

Dorkling on Blogger!

Dorkling on Facebook!



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